We will exhibit at "QNX/BlackBerry Technology Solutions Forum" hosted by QNX Software Systems Limited held at Canadian Embassy in Japan on September 8, 2016

Press Release
At the event, we will be showing demonstrations of several applications created with “TRITO Linkage”, our HMI development environment, by running them on QNX. Each application (meter, audio, vehicle data, etc.) runs on QNX independently and simultaneously. We will demonstrate the mechanism (TRITO Window Manager) which controls display window locations of these applications. We are also planning to show demonstrations of the application created with TRITO Linkage linked with CATS’ ZIPC Designer (model-based development tool for state transition) by running it on QNX as collaboration demonstrations at CATS’ booth.*   QNX Software Systems Limited QNX/BlackBerry Technology Solutions Forum CATS Co., Ltd.    

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